Webbed Brown Satchel

Another custom satchel designed in conjunction with the customer.

Heavy yet supple 9oz leather with slight pebbly texture in chestnut brown. Veg tanned webbing knits the sides together.  Look for this untreated webbing to develop a wonderful saddle patina and for browns to develop deep rich hues with time and use



Two sleek inner pockets: a snug laptop sleeve and a slim pocket for other smaller items, cords and what have you.  Keep the slim pocket segmented for your phone and wallet, or undo the snaps for a single larger pocket.  Key lanyard to keep keys handy.


Overall dimensions: 15.25″ x 11.5″ x 4″
Solid brass hardware, solid copper rivets, and hand stitched blue accents.





Holster-esq Carry All

Inspired by something similar I saw in Taiwan, I decided to make a carry all that could quickly and easily be worn on any belt and taken off just as easily when you arrived at your destination, freeing you from keys, phones and wallets in your pockets.


This started as a veg tanned piece of 7-8 oz leather which was soaked in water and cured over a form to create a rigid top that holds its shape from a single piece of leather.


The finished product, after dying and stitching and burnishing.  A locking clasp that can easily be opened with one hand for convenience and peace of mind:


Lots of room for all the essentials: phone, keys, wallet, lip balm, etc.

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