First Bag Project

About a year ago I embarked on a project that led me to the place we are in now.  I couldn’t buy the rugged leather bag that I wanted, so I decided to make one.  With only the simplest of hand tools, and some persistence, I was able to craft my bag. This is a brief overview of that process.
My tools and hardware (awl, needle/thread, rivets, hoops and clasps. Razor knife not shown).
Cutting the hide for the main body of the bag.

All the pieces cut and laid out: strap, sides, hangers, and main body.
Sides cut, hangers stitched on and loops riveted in.
Bag all stitched together (minus front closures for lid).

The finished product.  A little larger than expected.

The same bag a year later.
A clear wax finish rubbed into the leather did not change the colour.The patina comes as a result of use and exposure to the sun.




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